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F-A450 Iwata Pistol Grip Moisture Filter


Iwata-Medea Pistol-Grip Filter for clean, dry air-flow. Attaching directly onto the airbrush, the Iwata-Medea Pistol-Grip Filter is the final defense to deliver clean, dry air to your airbrush. Miniature in size, the super-fine, 5-micron filter element performs like a full-size filter separator. Comfortable in the hand, the Pistol-Grip Filter acts as a handle on the airbrush to relieve muscle tension.

50-2012 Badger / Iwata Mini Pistol Grip Airbrush Filter


Mini moisture filter - fits the standard Iwata style 1/8" hoses and airbrushes. Also fits the smaller Badger size hoses and airbrushes. For gravity brushes only!

10' "Iwata Style" 1/8" Airbrush Hose with Water-trap 50-5025


10' 1/8" Airbrush Hose with Water-trap 50-5025. Tough braided nylon covering. For use with all Iwata, Devilbiss, Richpen, Peak, Master Brand and all other airbrushes that accept the 1/8" Iwata style hose. Connects to most brands of compressors.

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