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B-125 Badger Airbrush Holder - Holds Two Airbrushes


Model 125 Airbrush Holder - holds two airbrushes. * Handy, sturdy, durable * Prevents airbrushes from falling over or being dropped * Stationary support allows easier airbrush placement

Air-Port Airbrush Work Station by Karajen KJ200


The Air-Port™, Airbrush Work Station by Karajen Corp, holds your needed Airbrushes, tools and supplies nearby while you perform your artwork. The Air-Port™ holds up to 3 airbrushes, multiple color bottles, tape, razor blades, Exacto knife, pencils and more. The Air-Port™ offers three convenient methods of mounting: Magnetic, Bench Clamp or Bolt-On. The Air-Port™offers the following features: * SOLID 18 GAUGE STEEL CONSTRUCTION AND POWDER COATED FINISH * 3 AIR BRUSH HANGERS- ADJUSTABLE HANGING AND SWIVEL POSITIONING * ABUNDANT SPACE FOR COLOR BOTTLES AND CLEANING SOLVENT ETC. * 2 TAPE HANGERS- ACCOMMODATES TAPE ROLL SIZES OF UP TO 2 INCH * OPTIONAL MOUNTING METHODS: BOLT-ON, MAGNETIC, BENCH CLAMP * DIMENSIONS: WIDTH - 9”, DEPTH - 5”, TRAY HEIGHT- 2 ½” * SHIPPING WEIGHT: APPROXIMATELY 2 LB- BOLT-ON, 4 LB- MAGNETIC, 3 LB- CLAMP

Single Airbrush Hanger by Karajen KJ100


The SINGLE AIRBRUSH HANGER™, by Karajen Corp, will hang most styles of airbrushes. Its adjustable size and hanging positions accommodates for the varying types of airbrushes, shapes and feed type (gravity, siphon, side load etc.). The SINGLE AIRBRUSH HANGER™ is constructed of solid 18 gauge steel for long lasting durability. The SINGLE AIRBRUSH HANGER™ offers the following features: * SOLID 18 GAUGE STEEL CONSTRUCTION AND POWDER COATED FINISH * SOLID MAGNETIC CONTACT- WITH 65LB PULL RATING * ADJUSTABLE WIDTH FOR VARYING AIR BRUSH TYPES

A-194 Paasche Deluxe Airbrush Hanger - Holds 4 Airbrushes


Paasche Deluxe Airbrush Hanger. Can hold up to 4 airbrushes at one time. Good for any airbrush brand of airbrush. The adjustable clamp fits most table sizes.

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